Saturday, June 9, 2007

Sweet Goodbye

Until My Dieing Day

Very short and lonely,

are these days of mine,
so kiss my lips once again,
to slow and stop the time,
wrap your arms around me,
hold me near your heart,
and gently whisper in my ear,
that we'll never be apart,
look me in my eyes,
and say you love me so,
but please don't break my heart,
by saying you have to go,
the one thing that I fear the most,
is losing sight of you,
to no longer have you in my life,
to not have a love that's true,
so I'll hold the love within my heart,
where I can keep it safe,
where it will be and will remain,
until my dieing day.

Sonya Simmons

Simple yet straight to the point. Nice.

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