Saturday, June 9, 2007

A Rose by any other name

This past May 27th, Marietta Garden's in Fairmont, NC Marietta Gardens had their annual open house but we weren't able to get there this year. They are the largest growers/producers of Day Lilies in this region, perhaps in the South. When we decided to go last year we had no idea what to really expect other than a ride out in the country with a stop at some Day Lily growers farm. We knew they were having an open house the day we went and figured it would be a nice change of pace. Originally, my Mother in Law who is a huge flower lover had wanted to do this but her annual trips to visit were never at the right time of year where she could enjoy the flowers. So we decided to go for her and see what it was that she wanted to see that she couldn't see in any ones backyard. As we first started nearing the farm we could see off in a distance that there were literally fields and fields of flowers. It was hard to imagine the quantity of flowers that were there today, only to be replaced by new ones tomorrow. All these beautiful flowers, expendable, gone over night yet the field seems to appear the same tomorrow.

They reminded me of the city, thousands and thousands of people milling through the streets. Everyone different in appearance but also expendable. How many of those people disappear overnight, never to be seen again yet the fact that they're missing or dead is barely noticeable but only to the ones closest to them.

I know there is no comparing the death of a flower to the death of a human but it was just more apparent to me that there was a similarity. We all matter, we all brighten the landscape, we are all beautiful in our own way. Yet when the time comes for us to depart this world those things no longer come into play. We're remembered just as these photos are but still the beauty is no longer visible to the eye. Our true beauty remains in every heart we touch, every smile we create, every good deed that we do. What we do and become today is how we will be remembered tomorrow. I only hope that I will be remembered as beautiful as a Day Lily.

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