Sunday, June 17, 2007

Born to Die!

It sounds like it should be tattooed on the arm of some gang-banger or prisoner but in fact it's something that we all need to remember. From the time of our conceptions we began aging. No new news right? As each of us age we are headed in one direction. There are many things that occur in all of our lifetimes but the result is the same. Every time without fail we eventually die. We were all "born to die".

I guess what really matters are the marks we leave behind. We're not all going to end up in some history book, I know I won't. But just because we're not in a book doesn't mean we're not part of history. I'm no medical man nor do I claim to be but I know myself. I know that the majority of what I think about and do as well as my decision making all come from some sort of memory; you can call it education if you want. These memories have all come from somewhere; someone. Lots of someones have left their marks on me and they probably don't even know or remember that they have. Think of it. How many people have left their marks on you helping to make you who you are today?

Unknowingly I've been sharing my memories leaving my little marks for years; we all have. You don't have to be part of some space expedition to leave your mark on the world. The things we do on a daily basis are sometimes enough to make a difference. Little things, things that we're passing along to others. So being "born to die" isn't that bad when you consider the multitudes of opportunity we have to make a difference and become a little historic while we wait.

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MedStudentWife said...

Funny thing - yesterday as I was mindlessly cleaning the place & just letting my stream of conciousness flow & listening to it, I do remember dwelling on thoughts of work and thinking that you are probably in one of the few occupations in the world that has almost perfect job security.

"Tis true what they say - only two sure things in life: death and taxes. And I'd hate to rub it in the taxman's face, but death came way long before they did.