Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Cremation Jewelry & the like

Baubles, Bangles, Gold, Silver and Diamonds to name a few have been around forever but with the advent of Cremation Jewelry all of these items and more have now hit the scene of the Death Care industry. There was a time when the only decision that was necessary when grandma died was where we were going to bury her. Today there are numerous decisions that have to be made and the newest (although not new) is what are we going to do with grandmas ashes. Are we going to scatter them, if so, where? Are we going to place them in an Urn and keep them? Place them in a Columbarium? Bury them?

But wait, before we do any of this we need to look through the many catalogs available both at funeral homes and online which showcase a huge variety of Cremation Jewelry. I suppose that with most cremations leaving nowhere to go and pay respects after the memorial service is over that the idea of wearing remains around your neck or on a finger seems like the next best thing to do. With cremation on the rise as it is, company's have decided to take advantage of the newest market and find ways to turn dear old mom into a diamond or say take Aunt Flo and divvy her up among all of her nieces and nephews inside of small silver crosses or vials. Don't misunderstand me, I myself offer these same article to people who request them because as I've said over and over, death is very personal and everyone's way of handling it is different. Jewelry is not where it ends though, there are artificial Reef Balls made with a mixture of cremains and cement and then strategically placed for eternity, you can have pencils made of your loved one, you can even be shot to the moon! If it's imaginable it can and will be done.

The only idea that I believe is being missed at the moment is sharing all of the persons cremains with all of the attendees of a memorial service. Perhaps some sort of Memorial Service "favor" can be made and distributed to all who come to the service. Why not? It's done at weddings and bridal and baby showers? I wonder when someone will decide to make Jordan Almonds out of cremains? Bottom line is, if you want Uncle Louie to be sleeping with the fishes, have him made into a reef!

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