Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Event Planner

For a few seconds let's talk about "events". A birth is an event, first words are an event, graduations, marriages, having children, getting divorced, the kids marriages, grandchildren being born, and of course the "D" word. The one nobody likes to talk about or even mention.

Well, like it or not we're gonna die. Chances are, some day we'll end up as a heap of unrecognizable bones in dress clothes. Our flesh will probably feed something and help it thrive but still nobody likes to admit it's going to happen; it's a big taboo.

Death is just another of the many events that take place. Death is not a special event and the funeral director is not special either. He or she can easily be compared to "any" event planner. The main objective of any planner is to make sure that all goes off without a hitch and that everybody is pleased with the way it happens. When the bride and groom to be sit down with their wedding planner the first thing the planner needs to find out is what they are looking for and what means they have to accomplish their wants. The same holds true for "planning" a funeral. Once this info is gathered that's where the experience comes in and suggestions are made.

We end up ordering the flowers, coordinating with clergy when the service will take place, helping to locate the spot where it will happen, contacting caterers, composing and announcing where and when its going to be, contracting for the dove release, paying all of the outside vendors up front, directing all of the assistants in what they need to know and do, hoping the weather will be good and making everything alright if its not; all while running around like a chicken without it's head. What do you think? Did I just describe a wedding, an elaborate party or a funeral? It could have been either of the 3. Now a wedding takes a good six months to plan and execute and a party can easily take a month however a funeral is typically completed, soup to nuts in under 4 days. I suppose over the years I've learned how to plan a damned good party in a hurry! Who'd have figured?


MedStudentWife said...
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DeathSweep said...

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