Saturday, June 23, 2007

Death Care...Part 3

I last left off with my future wife telling me that everything was going to be okay after I had explained that I was now unemployed.

This story could easily provide me with years worth of posts but I'm going to make it extremely short. After years of different positions, houses, and friends in different states I think we might be settled for awhile. We went through the usual ups and downs of marriage and always managed to land on our feet, most importantly, together. We've laughed together, cried together and made our life and plans together.

She was right, everything was and still is okay but everything seems to be going by so fast now. It seems we were young only yesterday but many years have passed. Both of us still have one parent left; the loss of her father and my mother was equally devastating to each of us. My mothers death was the first time I had felt the personal pain associated with a death. Now that my fathers health is failing, the pain that had eased is starting again but I still have a wonderful wife to help me through it.

When all is tolled, I have no complaints about my life and the course I chose was obviously the right one for me. Sometimes very tiring and stressful but still right.

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MedStudentWife said...

Bogging/reading blogs really is voyeurism.

I'd like to hear more about how you got to now.