Friday, December 21, 2007

Got a tissue?

Cloaked in ebony shades of mourning
the crowd of wailing comrades walked through
The door that was to be used as an entrance way
not meant to be used for an exodus into hell
Upon their arrival the moaning begins quickly
the facade of the sickeningly wet tears that flow
Stifling to hide from those around how much they hurt
bodies wracking as we wheel in the empty shell
I think some believe it's an obligation of theirs
to shelter others and hide the depth of their pain
It's claimed that these type of actions don't help to allow
Them to cope with the loss of their treasured one
I say facade but not meant to imply that it's fake
it's merely the face of their current demeanor and
Unlike those who are untouched by the passing of love
have barely a hope of ever again feeling the sun
...on their tear stained faces



paisley said...

hiding ones emotions.. i used to be stellar in that department.. nothing could touch me.. but today... not so much....

Jane Doe said...

Beautifully have a great blog, I'll be back...

Agnes Mildew said...

You do write some very good poems and get right to the nub of the issue, don't you? Excellent!