Sunday, December 9, 2007

Queen We Are The Champions Lyrics


When Queen was part of what I listened to regularly, this song was one that I particularly enjoyed. Maybe it was the lyrics, maybe it was the piano, the guitars, maybe it was Freddie Mercury. All I know now is that the older I get the more this means to me. We're all champions no matter what we've left behind, no matter what we never got to do; it's not over. We're all our own champions getting through each day as best we can....yet....going on, and on, and on. Believe me too, there are probably others that think of each of us as "champ" as well because they see what we sometimes fail to see in ourselves. Be proud my champion friends!


Matty said...

That was wonderful...a gentle reminder that we are the Champions in our lives..and hopefully to others as well. Kids today need a lot more champions to look up to...they need 'real hero's'.

The Tin Woman said...

I never knew what they were saying in that background part -- before my time :o )

I needed to hear this one today. Hopefully the next week or so will bring me some kind of answer to life's questions.

paisley said...

where are you?????

MedStudentWife said...

paisley.. I also hear crickets.... but I also havent been great about blogging these days.