Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The thirteenth floor

Well, it's come...and it's gone...and just like everything else in this life, the minute the clock struck that hour it became history. How many children were born on that day? How many souls left this world on their journey into another dimension? History yet just numbers.

How many of our births will be celebrated a couple of thousand years from now? How many of us will depart this world with such enormity that it will also be infamous? Not many I suspect.

Could I be so brazen to believe that such a large number of the population of this planet is wrong and I'm the right one? What is it that caused me to change the way I feel about something that was drilled into me for so many years? Being pessimistic, is my life less full because of my own shortcomings or lack in beliefs?
So many questions yet so few answers; I think that has a great deal to do with it. Perhaps someday I will receive the shock of all shocks when I find myself part of the group that missed the boat. Or, the shock may be that there never was a boat to miss. Whatever the case, I don't understand how one could spend their whole life believing in a possibility; out of fear of the unknown. And if I'm wrong? I've been wrong before but time will tell.


Stealth said...

I don't mind being unremembered in a thousand years.

paisley said...

i have been wrong before,, and will be again,, and if i,, like you,, are wrong about this... so be it... i still don't believe.....

Lena said...

it is not about if the boat exists or if you will miss it. It is important if you need to be there. Because once you realise it and make a decision, there will be a boat and you are not going to miss it. Everything is in your mind.

Anonymous said...

It's such an interesting way you write. Your writing and ponderings draw me in. And also so interesting this question because of your occupation I find.

Notice you use the word soul about those leaving this world. You did not say people. And you also said on their journey to another dimension.

I think this shows you still have beliefs there.

To me there has to be something more. All this (and I mean everything going on in the world) can't make any sense if not. It really can't.


deathsweep said...

Stealth, I don't mind not being remembered either and quite frankly, I'm sure I won't be.

Paisley, with all that goes on around us, to the good and the bad, why would this be intentional and if it were it sometimes seems like a sick joke doesn't it?

Lena, you hit the nail on the head for me, as you lastly say - "it's all in the mind".

Jen, I do believe in another dimension, and I do believe in the soul (our energy), but could one omnipotent being, be it a trio or not, be responsible or allowing of all of what's happening in todays world? You mention "an interesting question especially in my occupation", you know Jen, I see so much of what I would consider unwarrented pain that I think I find it plainer to see because of what I do. I really wish I "could" just blindly have the faith that others have.

Thanks to all of you for your input.


Annick said...

Thanks for writing this.