Friday, August 3, 2007

Thanks a blog!

This is going to be a post that will seem to border on boring but it's something I need to get out. Let me tell you all something that is becoming more and more evident to me as time goes on. Lately, I haven't had too much time to write about the funeral home or the death care industry or my own experiences for that matter but I always try to at least make enough time in my schedule to read what's going on. I try to read anything I can get my hands on in the short time I have available but have recently noticed a change in my reading habits and I'm going to write about the same.

I have discovered that there are many talented writers right beyond my keyboard who have things to write about that can make my imagination run wild, fill my head with knowledge that I never even considered existed and make me realize that real life can be read about right here. There have been blogs that I've read that capture the true essence of everyday, blogs that have left me wondering, blog posts that have left me envious and thankful at the same time as well as blogs I would almost call philosophical. Until I myself got involved in this community I had no inkling what this blog thing was all about.

Now, back to my changing habits. There was a point when I would seek out only reading material that I thought would interest me. Even when I read a newspaper I would only search for titles that I wanted to know about as I think many of us do but thanks to the varied topics available right here I have discovered that my interests have a new, wider scope. This may sound mundane to the person who has been at this for any length of time but to a blogger who has been at it hit and miss for maybe a little over a month and is beginning to feel an addiction towards it this is a very telling enlightenment. Before I had my own blog I used to read one, yes one blog and that blog is what got me started. I now scan and read many many blog posts daily and am enjoying every minute of it and hope to continue reading and writing. I never knew this would end up being such an important part of my life. Now I told you this might border on being boring so don't blame me if you read the whole thing! Thanks, if you did, but it's time to get back to deathsweeping!


Karla said...

Hey thanks for your comment - it made me laugh a lot! :)

Hope you have a great weekend on your end too.


MedStudentWife said...

Your blog isnt boring -

When I started reading and writing blogs, all I read were medical related ones - Doc blogs. My tastes too have changed and out all that I read, I only have 3 doc blogs that I can say I read habitually.

There is a big wide world out there and aint it grand :)

Anonymous said...

I can honestly say that finding blogcatalog has given me an amazing influx of truly inspirational material. I think I tend to give more writer's the benefit of the doubt. As long as there is "real" content I will keep checking back until I decide there are better ways to spend my time. Once in a while I find a blog that really fascinates, or touches me.

Not to cheesy, but I feel that way about this blog.

Anyway, I'll leave you with a link to an old post of mine that explains why I think blogging is so important to me.

paisley said...

and i totally enjoy having you here too.. this is utterly fascinating to me,, and i am thrilled to have this little window into your world....