Friday, August 24, 2007

It's not for everyone

During those final hours of luxuriating in blissful nothingness
Every enigmatic problem seems to simply vanish
And the fear and anxiety of the unknown become tolerable
The morphine helps to make it all slowly disappear
Happiness will be forgetting that pain existed in your world

Sometimes images of yesterdays gone flash before you
Utter sympathy for those you have to cruelly leave behind
Collectively thinking goodbyes as you slip into the abyss
Keep me here, please, keep me here I want no more
Someday they will all join me in this beauty...won't they

I guess it depends on which end you're on.....


paisley said...

i like it.. i like free writing.. free expression inner conversation... i like it a lot... you should do it more often....
feels good kinda doesn't it???

DeathSweep said...

Yep, it does.

Anonymous said...

You know, usually I'm not a huge fan of acronyms, but that was undeniably lovely and clever.

DeathSweep said...

TY - I figured I'd give it a shot.