Monday, July 9, 2007

The Marble Orchard

When I think of Art I think of collections in museums or in fine homes.

I think of famous Artisans who were named somewhere in our history books.

I think of beautiful gardens with sculptures made from marble, bronze and granite.

Very rarely, actually never, do I think of a cemetery

The Green Wood Cemetery

Never would I have ever considered a cemetery to be an art gallery yet the one that houses my deceased family is just that. Take a look at The Green Wood Cemetery and see what some people do when they memorialize their dead and see for yourself what this Historic location is all about.

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MedStudentWife said...

Have you or did you ever have a chance to go to Cemetery no 1 in New Orleans ?

The art work isn't as magnificent, but still speaks to how people are mourned.. such a crypts reserved for those of a certain organization, or the family crypts (but as I said, the art work isn't at all near a beautiful)

Kinda kwel the process of "burial" in New Orleans

I'm very happy you had a great holiday with your family :D