Sunday, July 15, 2007

Just another Bauble

Well, today I finally delivered the 7 pieces of jewelry to a family that I had taken care of back in February. He wasn't cremated yet we were still able to supply the family with tokens that they could wear in remembrance of their loved one.

There is a company called Meadow Hill that sells impressions of fingerprints. These fingerprints are cast in either Gold or Silver and can be adorned with a birthstone and can also be inscribed. The first time I heard of these "Thumbies", I wasn't sure if they were going to turn out to be something that would catch on but apparently they have.

Before the burial I had been asked by the family if I could get these items. I didn't initially tell them about them but they knew of their existence and wanted them. It's a simple procedure for me, I simply collect a group of fingerprints using the kit that the company supplies, have the family select which type of item they want and then I submit the fingerprints with the order. Six weeks later the cast prints arrive for my presentation to the family. The daughter that picked them up was extremely pleased with the product and I think I am going to be offering these to people as opposed to just supplying them on request. I still don't think I'm going to charge the MSRP; they can have them for what I pay for them. I feel this is just an extension of my services to the family, not for making additional money. Maybe I'm crazy but I feel that donating my time is something that I can afford to do.