Thursday, July 19, 2007

Death, the dirty word

Today I found out that my blog was rated "R" - interesting - I think I may have said shit a few times however that was not part of the cause. I Think I may have even said damn on occasion yet I'm still safe with that. One of the words that I've used which was a part of my R rating was hell, yep hell. But the biggest factor which caused me to receive this coveted rating was the fact that I said "death" 24 times and "dead" 1 time. Apparently the word death is not something that children under the age of 17 ought to hear unless thy have their parent holding their hand.

It seems to me that society has things mixed up here. It's OK for children to hear profanity and see nudity on television in the middle of the day, to play video games that involve violence, to listen to music that really isn't appropriate for my 75 year old father yet the word death is something that we should shield them from. I realize that the computer is rating the blog based only on individual words and not on the context of those words however I'm not saying murder, or rape or worshiping Satan or something you might expect to shock. I'm not saying kill, shoot, or any profane words for that matter. I can only hope that the people who actually rate rateable media are using a different system.


MedStudentWife said...

two thoughts on this....

You are right about your comments about how this rating is awarded an I totally agree.

However, I have been deviously been trying to concoct a blog or two that will give me a "R" rating.

DeathSweep said...

I think with the right stategy you can get this R rating without very much effort at all. From what I see, just the use of a few choice words over and over, you will soon be R rated and if you try "REAL" hard you might even be able to earn an "X"!!! It's really your choice.


Anonymous said...

This made me laugh.