Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Feels like spring

I guess the road that I began walking in June of 2010 has come to a divide and I will soon be deciding which new path to take.  I had been widowed a little over a year when I decided that I no longer wanted or had to work and made a rather hasty decision to throw in the towel and just quit my job.  There have been some rocky as well as wonderful times since then however I feel a new breeze starting to pick up which I hope will carry me in a different direction; one that I need, one that I like.  Fairly soon I will have to decide whether or not I want to just pack everything up, or not, and move on to a different location and begin a new life of sorts that will hopefully be a good chapter in this book of mine called "life".  I went on what I would call my first serious job interview the other day and I think it went fairly well but I won't know if the position is going to be offered for a few more days.  If it's offered and I accept, it will entail a great many rather quick changes however I think I have to force myself to change whether I get this job or not.  After this interview I realized that I need to be back in the work force...for me...for my family...and for the families that I will help.

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