Wednesday, May 4, 2011

feeeeeeeelings.......nothing more than feelings?

No matter what becomes of this possibility I now have lain at my feet I am sure that a new phase of my life is beginning. I can't necessarily explain exactly why I say this but deep inside of me I have a feeling that just wont quit; it's almost as if an evolution is taking place within me causing me to feel as though things are different, very different. At a simple glance nothing has apparently changed either in my life or in my surroundings yet for some reason I just know that there is a new wind blowing through me and this breeze is both comforting and a cause of excitement.

I have always known or felt that some changes that have occurred in my life have been a result of my own doing whether they were good OR bad but I can't seem to lay claim to this particular feeling at all. Please don't misunderstand me, I don't have to have a responsibility for this feeling nor do I have to know exactly how it came about or why, I'm just grateful that it's here and I'm even more grateful that my mind has allowed me to envision it. I will happily let whatever is down the pike unfold before me and truly look forward to the days ahead with anticipation.


Aulawi Ahmad said...

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to hearing more about where your life is taking you when you get the chance and inclination to blog about it.