Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Need some Help

Good Morning to you today - this morning I awoke with an irresistible urge to get on the road and go somewhere. Today I intend to clean up some things around the house, pay some bills, look into a cell phone and notify the post office that they need to hold my mail for...I guess I'll tell them a month; that can be changed if need be...then I have to decide where it is I want to go...so here's why I'm writing this...if anyone still reads this, perhaps you can give me your idea of the direction in which I should head...if you know me you are aware that I have no boundaries so please be imaginative yet still reasonable!


The Tin Woman said...

You can come to OH, there's packing to be done ... just kidding. Going someplace you've always wanted to no matter how corny it may be.

deathsweep said...

That's just it - I've done or gone to most all of the places I wanted to and the ones I hadn't yet gone to were planned for some time in the future. Thing is, now I don't want to go to those places because I know what they'll do to my head, or what I'll let them do to my head. So, at least for the time being, I have to find new places to go to that I didn't want to go to or see in the past - does that make any sense or does it sound as screwed up to you as it does to me?

HappyStill said...

go VERY far away.. if you are up for a bit of manual labour in the open air, be a Wwoofer - (worker on organic farms).... Ireland is pretty good :-)

HappyStill said...

I should have said that I found your blog courtesy of Chunks of Reality.
I am so sorry for your loss.
Your blog is beautiful and I really look forward to reading about your adventures now that you are free of the daily grind. Good luck