Sunday, May 10, 2009

Weekly Upheaval

I should be grateful that I had her to myself for that entire weekend
and I am

Not a day goes by when I don't have her on my mind constantly
sometimes I smile

But as every weekend approaches I feel a growing dread inside of me
that I cannot quell

It begins each Friday afternoon as I stupidly rush home from work
to be with her

Then in an instant I realize that it's useless, there is no longer anyone left
to share my love

Saturday slowly passes by as I try to busy myself but she's not there
depression continues

I sit, I cry, I eat, I cry, I think, I smoke, I cry and cry some more
draining my emotions

When Sunday falls, her last day here, I no longer feel I can make do
without her

Dwelling does no good, it only results in pity and pain for me yet
I can't stop

I count the days, every day, but weekends mark a torturous time
I have to stop

All of her things remain just as she left them as if in preparation
for her return

I look forward to once again falling asleep knowing that when I awaken
it may be Monday, my new time of rest

1 comment:

paisley said...

always here for you... i know what you are going thru is as close to hell as a human being can get and i am willing to do whatever it is i can do to help...

i know it doesn't feel like it ,,, but you will make it thru this. it will not make you stronger or better or any of that nonsense, it will just stop hurting quite so bad.....