Monday, May 25, 2009

Up and Down, All Around

Crackled pink granite now bears her name
eternally her remains rest beneath it
In my heart I thought that this would help me
not stoke the flames underneath it
Although the crashing pain seems less and less
as days pass I think that it eases
When least expected some odd thought arises
and my entire body just seizes
What did I do to earn such a place
in life where nothing feels right
I thought I was giving the most that I could
but now I'm left with pure blight
I'd give all I am to turn back the hands
of the clock that now ticks so slow
To a time when things were just as they were
when this part of life I did not know
I know it can't be, I must move ahead
and continue and lead a new life
Yet if feels so wrong to change who I am
it was meant that she be my wife
Every part of my soul I want her to have
though I know on earth it's for naught
She can no longer laugh and no longer smile
our love together only a thought
Maybe some day the obsession will pass
and I'll crave to go on just for me
But till that miraculous day should arrive
I want her back in my life, my Mary

1 comment:

paisley said...

did i read this before and not comment?? excellent read both times either way... your pain bleeds thru and i can feel your frustration... excellent piece..