Friday, May 22, 2009

Smooth sailing

Well, I had mentioned that I had come to this part of the country mainly to accomplish a few things that needed to be done and so far I have completed all of what I needed to do. Yesterday, with the help of my nephew, I was able to complete everything at the cemetery; stone is complete, urn is buried, shrubbery is trimmed - all went well. It was by no means fun doing any of it but I think I now feel that I have done all that I possibly can at this time and that in and of itself makes me feel good.

Tomorrow I will see Marys family for the first time since her funeral and although I am looking forward to the meeting I have mixed feelings which are probably unwarranted; they have been nothing but nice to me and of course I've known them all as long as I know Mary. There is going to be a memorial service tomorrow in which Mary will be honored and that was the other main reason I came this week. All of the other things I did in between were merely distractions to help me get through while I was waiting for both of these things to happen.

There is more family arriving this evening and I really look forward to seeing them. All in all this has been a rather productive and nice week and I'm so glad to have all of these family members to support me. Unfortunately, I am planning to start my return home on Sunday afternoon and I'm not really looking forward to the long drive, nor for what I have in store for me when I get there; nothing. I guess I can start hoping for the next time I return. It's good to feel wanted and loved once again; feelings that I thought were gone for good.


The Tin Woman said...

We're looking forward to seeing you too. I am glad everything went well yesterday - not sure what time we'll get in tonight, but hopefully we get to see you all before you go to sleep.

paisley said...

these next few days will nurture you and prepare you for the road ahead... you will find being alone isn't always bad,, it is just when you allow the loneliness to creep in that things get messy.....