Monday, May 18, 2009

scared for nothing

Today is day 5 and there have been nothing but good things happening to me since day # 1. It was a little strange, to say the least, the first night that I stayed in a hotel alone. Everything in that small room reminded me of Mary or made me think of what the two of us would have been doing at that instant however, I was able to function like a "normal" human being and got through that with ease.

Since that time I have been fortunate enough to have a small cluster of family members at my side. I have eaten as well as done all kinds of things in these short few days; things that I would have never done alone. So far, this is definitely what I am lacking and needing; true companionship, love.

I can't believe that this is almost half over and in the same amount of short days I will be back at home alone again. But these days have been a start for me. Actually making good memories that I can classify as my own; something to look back on and know that these are my memories and will never be lost to me.

One of the major reasons for my coming this week has yet to come to fruition but I am still confident that before I begin my journey home it will be completed; at least that is my greatest hope right now. Well, I just wanted to update this, sort of like a memoir of this week, something to look back on and read when the clouds are in my head and the gloom reappears since I feel that is an inevitability.


paisley said...

i have come to believe that companionship is the key.. for me at least alone just isn't cutting it any more.....

The Tin Woman said...

I know however the highlight of your week away will be meeting the cat. It's obviously the part she looks most forward to -- in fact she's been napping in her crate in anticipation.

Just Kidding - Thought it would make you smile.