Friday, May 8, 2009

Over the rainbow

Well, the verdict is verdict at least. At the moment, there is no doubt in my simple mind that there is in fact something beyond what we all know as life here on earth.

Wednesday evening I was fortunate enough to actually get a reading from a psychic who does a monthly web cast. It's basically a conference call in which people can call in to a conference and be put in line for a reading if that is what they wish; It turned out that I was number three and did in fact request the reading.

What ensued was at the very least amazing. I gave the psychic very vague and boring information at her request and she began to talk to me based on our mundane conversation which in no way could have given her the information that she passed on to me, which by the way I could mostly validate. There were of course some aspects of the reading that were confusing however the great majority of it felt right on.

I've stated before that I was once a skeptic and may have even gone into the reading a little unsure of what to expect. Although in reality, I should have been unsure of what to expect since it wasn't me doing the direct communicating, I believe I was a bit unsure of whether or not this could actually be true. At the end of our almost 45 minute conversation I was completely convinced that what I had just experienced was not only real but was in fact what I had been searching for almost my entire life.

I was born into and raised by a christian family and always tried my hardest to lead a christian life however like many people always craved some sort of proof. That is what I had always been craving; something beyond blind faith when it came to leaving this world. I already knew how to lead my life here on earth; how to be a good person and for the most part felt that was enough yet always wondered what if anything followed our death. That was what I was searching for. Bottom line is, yes I've been taught of heaven and hell and yes I've been taught about god and the devil and all that goes in between all of this but my faith in these respects was lacking.

I'm still a little unclear about what heaven and hell actually are, other than the actual definitions, but as I said earlier, I now truly believe that when our eyes close for the last time here on earth it is in fact an ending of sorts here BUT it is also the start of a new beginning. Exactly where or how this happens I probably will never find out until it's my time to make the trip (and I'm okay with that) but I feel as though I have been stirred. Stirred to the point where I feel I now can begin to formulate expanded beliefs; stirred to excitement at what I feel I have learned.

Yes, I know I will continue to grieve, and yes I know I will probably have moments of doubt in the future but this knowledge I feel I have garnered has actually given me a new found sense of peace, as if my eyes have been suddenly opened to something I had always hoped for. I also know that this is not necessarily proof, but right now this is the proof I need and want and the proof that will get me through each day a lot easier. I advise anyone that is slightly curious or is in need of some relief for whatever reason to pursue this route and see if there may be some assistance out there just waiting to be tapped because let's be completely honest, life is about feeling good, misery shouldn't have a place in our lives at all. If something as simple as this can possibly make us stop and rethink a position we have thereby possibly making us feel better about something, don't we at least owe it to ourselves to give it a try??? I know I did and I do!

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paisley said...

i am relieved to hear you have found a piece that for quite some time seemed to elude you.. you deserve peace... you deserve a whole lot more,, but i am willing to begin with peace.....