Friday, May 9, 2008

No More, anything

The child was born one springlike morn, her parents hearts stood still
angelic in her every form, expectations she did fulfill
They took her home, her life began, they nurtured, loved and swore
she was the girl they waited for, their wants there were no more
Ribbons, bows, and frilly lace festooned the sweet young thing
much like a precious china doll, her graces they did sing
When school began, she quickly became, a star pupil in her class
according to each grades counselor, her mates she did surpass
By adolescence the girl had not felt, any love toward man or boy
yet did not bare her deepest sense, and used Jim as her decoy
When old enough, enlisted she, to serve and see the world
she was so strong yet oh so tired and her secret was unfurled
"Don't ask, don't tell" had not been coined, although it didn't matter
she would not tell if you had asked but women she would flatter
Discharge papers boldly showed, due to "homosexuality admission"
she often wished it was not true, but by god she was no magician
I think her family tried to say, they felt no difference
but through it all the girl could see, they wished she had a prince
By now her head was swirling with, some pretty nasty thoughts
involved were doctors, lawyers, cops and even a few courts
What had become of the precious child they once knew she had been
to her it was a "normal" life but to many her existence a sin
Many years passed and she could not bear, to live outside the loop
in time she had been excluded from, the family, the whole group
At last her strength it did return, although she was weaker than ever
it was now the time to say goodbye, to finalize the sever
One by one she called them up and explained she had no choice
she wanted them to know she cared, and hoped they would rejoice
She was going far away, and doubted she'd ever be back
she thanked them all for all they'd done, to help her ease the slack
Perhaps sarcastic, perhaps the truth, she had finally found her door
no longer would she have to explain, to no one, not anymore
Her house was spotless, fore to aft, all personal hints destroyed
she laid the gun unto her head and squeezed, it was deployed
And now they cry for her loss, yet while alive she was their thorn
and all they ever really did was make her feel forlorn
One cannot help but think it a shame, to lose a life so young
but also see the gun as it was, her rocket, her taxi, her pung
No one ever can explain, why any ones choice would be such
but we must accept, the choice is theirs, an eternal, irreversible crutch

***I wish there was a way for her to know that her family truly loved her, respected her, may not have always agreed with her, and now wish.....they could have been her crutch. If anyone should have left it should have been them.

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Matty said...

Why is it we have to label anyone who is different? Why can't we just accept everyone without judging them? When will we ever learn?
I'm glad you're back.