Monday, November 19, 2007

Thank You!

I was just able to head over to earth2karen to pick up an award she passed on to me this past Thursday and want her to know that I truly appreciate it. Aside from being just plain old recognition, this particular award has a small story behind it that I want to share.

In the true tradition of swapping, I have a few that I'd like to pass this on to myself. These are bloggers, people, who really "own" their blogs. Blogs that I read as often as possible and look to for inspiration. Thanks again earth2karen and also a thank you to:

...why paisley? for all that you say, for making me think.

aningeniousname for your news items, for making me laugh.

GracefullyAbnormal for being grateful & graceful, for being.

Hop over to here and grab the code. It comes in 3 colors so you pick!

Be The Blog award


Aningeniousname said...

Thank you for those kind words Mr Deathsweep. I'm afraid I can't be there to share this wonderful award with you all, as I'm presently on location in Kabul making my new film
'Whoops Afghanistan'.
But obviously, I'd like to thank the Blog Academy for this long, long, long overdue honour and request that any monies connected with said award be paid promptly into my Swiss bank account.

paisley said...

i emailed you,, but i was here last night,, and ever so graciously accepted this award from you,,, and then found out my theme was messed up and my about page wasn't displaying... so it took me forever to get back and thank you ... you make me think, too,, more than you know,, i am sure...

deathsweep said...

You're both extremely welcomed and deserving and I really appreciate you both.