Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The fright that steals

At sixty eight her beacon failed and sunshine turned to gloom
and like the rose caught in a storm
that day she lost her bloom

The flicker deep within her eyes just left as seconds passed
and when she drew that long slow breath
who knew it was her last

Gone from sight yet in your heart it lessens not the pain
that comes from losing one you love
my heart it bears her stain

She taught me how to live and laugh of that I'm ever sure
the hurt that comes from losing her
seems too hard to endure

Each day I wish I had her back to see her face once more
to see and lavish in her love
the love we shared before

If I could have just one more hour theres so much I would say
these things I should have said before
not waited for this day

So if or while you have the chance to tell someone who's here
make them aware of how you feel
don't listen to your fear

For if you allow your frightened self to lead you in this life
the day will dawn when fear becomes
a sharply pointed knife
by DS


paisley said...

i actually had to scroll down half way thru and make sure thee was no attribution... this is so well written and so powerful.. the meter,, the form,, thr rhymth,, interwoven sentiment... bravo my friend!!! bravo!!!!

deathsweep said...

Thank you paisley.

Anonymous said...
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