Saturday, September 22, 2007

Someone, please watch the store!

Beginning tomorrow I have the "luxury" of getting away from all of it! For the next 8 days I don't have to think about anything but having a good time and I'm so, so glad. Every now and then I need some time away from my life so that I can do the things that will bring me back to where I need to be.

Since I will probably not be able to, or in reality, not have the time to post I've taken the liberty of selecting 8 posts of mine that I've written in the past which are my favorites. You know how some of your posts are more special to you than others? Well, some of mine are. You can opt to read them all at once or come back each day and read; that's your choice! Here we go:

Sunday - "Wanted"

Monday - "That's got to hurt"

Tuesday - "Sundrop"

Wednesday - "Brain dead"

Thursday - "Death by Stupidity"

Friday - "United in Death"

Saturday - "Unconditional Love Never Dies"

Sunday - "My obituary - sort of"

I didn't select these based on comments so they may not be your favorites but they sure are mine (but I had more than 8). You may have read them already; I often re-read posts but if you haven't read them yet try not to miss them. I'll be back with something "fresher" when I return! Talk to you all soon!



paisley said...

above all have an excellent time.....

MedStudentWife said...

Have a really good time !!!! Relax, eat lots, get some sun, see new vistas, and just have a really super time :D

See ya when you get back.

Matty said...

Have a wonderful time...we'll be here.
Just want you to know that for the past few nights I haven't had any rest seeing that I had to read through your archives. Wonderful stuff and I'm not sorry I lost any sleep.
Have a safe journey.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the time to pull these to the front. Well worth the read. I think you may have inspired a post for me... You've certainly given us all much to think about.