Thursday, September 6, 2007

I'll be around

If when it's my time I have a choice
to decide where it is I want to be
I know I'll request a place in your heart
a place that is warm and pulsing for me
A haven inside you where I could wait
one little chamber, that's one of my needs
And wait in the darkness is all I would do
til you've finished your purpose, planted your seeds
I long to be with you but not til you're ready
please remain safe and know that I'm here
I'll never be further from you than your heart
so remember my love, you have nothing to fear



....................let me go, dont stop living, if I'm allowed I won't go far.


paisley said...

well you know me,, and how easily i slip into the raging melancholy waters.... but this was beautiful... just beautiful.....

MedStudentWife said...


Anonymous said...

I wonder if many people are truly selfless enough to live up to this prose, or do you watch your loved one with envy?

deathsweep said...

Paisley, I too happened to like this after I wrote it. I wasn't sure at first but the more I read it the more I saw. Thank you.

MSW - back at ya!

ABC, at that point, when you're about to leave this world, perhaps it could be considered selfishness to want to stay behind; not go it alone. But wouldn't it be nice to know that some bonds can be so strong that even in the darkest hour of your ending life you could still be more concerned for the one you are leaving behind than yourself? Talk about romance.