Thursday, September 13, 2007

Celebrate? About what?!

Holidays? Marriages? Births? Anniversaries? What is it that we really have to celebrate about in this life anyway? So much shit is going on around us and in our lives constantly that it often feels impossible to want to celebrate anything. Big deal, maybe there's a dozen days in a years time, if we're lucky, when we figuratively find it in ourselves to want to break out the party hats and pop some champagne. What's all the excitement about?

The answer although rarely followed through and mostly forgotten is simple. Every day should be a celebration of something. Here we are, free for the most part, in reality able to accomplish just about whatever we want, given opportunities that others only dream about, free to speak with the world, yes the world, just by typing some words. Is that not enough cause in of itself for a celebration?

If you're reading this, you're alive, you probably have already eaten something today, at the very least you may have had some of that flavored coffee that you so love; with that flavored creamer. You have clothes to wear on your back, ones you've chosen, not forced to wear, you have a roof to live under whether rented or owned, you have enough expendable cash to pay your ISP and we can't forget that Notebook you're considering!

Here, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the squirrels are running up and down the trees chasing each others tails. The air is sweet. There are some that have nothing, living in squalor, worried about where their next meal will come from, worried for their lives, worried if that baby they're carrying in their womb will ever have a life at all. Easy for me to say but let's face it, in reality it could always be worse, so why not...celebrate! I for one should be celebrating my life daily. Most of us should be. We all take so much for granted; each of us.

Just the fact that we're alive, still walking around, still above the good old Terra Firma should be a reason to stand up and shout. We have love, we have friendships, we have pets, we have so, so much. We need to be grateful for it while we've got it; life. It offers so much if we only look for it. Today may seem like a dark and gloomy day with absolutely no reason to celebrate anything. Just think, tomorrow, today will be over, we now have another clean slate to work with...celebrate! We're alive, our bellies are full...celebrate! We have a friend, someone who cares...celebrate! I know that tomorrow's just a dream for all of us right now, but, no matter how black it may seem, I try to look for some good. It aint always there, but hopefully tomorrow is...another day and another reason to celebrate!!!!! I'm going to give it a shot; how about you?


paisley said...

you are absolutely right,,, and while i know it to be actually true in all respects.. i cannot apply it to me,, not right now.. i know the cross i bare,, and the cage in which i dwell l are strictly self imposed,, and i do fluctuate from deaths door,, to seemingly ok,, and i am grateful to that... if you knew me,, if you saw me walking around,, or at work,, you would never know any of this was going on in my head... it is all inside my head....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. It is so good to hear. I couldn't agree more. We get so caught up in the pettiest of little things to be aggravated over when we have countless things all around us to be thankful for that we don't even think of them. Thanks for the reminder!

Anonymous said...

Pardon my grammar. I just reread my comment and it doesn't make much sense. But, hopefully, you get the gist.

MedStudentWife said...

hmmmmm.. sounds like a "happy birthday" is in order :D. If now.. just past or soon to be:)